Coach Chris Baran & Chris Moody's Global Peak-Performance System


We believe every educator should have the confidence and authenticity to deliver a powerful, emotional experience of enlightenment that energizes you to go out and change the lives of everyone around you. The building blocks of your tower of power. The meat of your message. The material in your mentorship. The mass behind your main stage. You know you’re truly an artist when you’ve mastered the information. You could walk on stage right now and teach. Anything they might ask, you know you’ve got it covered. It’s more than knowing all the facts. It’s about capturing the magic.

GPS members learn how to share that magic. Every week, you’ll learn more about crafting your message for impact. Create a learning framework that meaningfully engages everyone, so they don’t just hear the message; they feel it. Lightbulbs, ah-ha moments, thunderbolts of realization. Transformation. This is why we do what we do. The expert facilitator. The consummate performer. You could be talking about washing machines and they’d hang on your every word. They don’t even want to blink.

Every great educator knows half the job is entertainment. You have to grab their attention, get them engaged. Get their investment right away and get them to reinvest again and again right up until the Big Finish.

Membership Benefits of The

  • Latest technology in webinar trainings so you can learn in class, in the break room, or stuck in a cab.
  • Live Video Call Technology to keep you focused.
  • Miss one? All the sessions recorded and ready when you are, 24/7.
  • High Energy, Maximum Impact, Massive Learning in person at Chris Camp.
  • Inside GPS Masterminds peer support group to share the knowledge.
  • Performance Badges to track and measure your progress in GPS.


Chris helped create Redken’s vision for trend shoots, styling, and finishing techniques. He helps develop the core curriculum taught across the country and around the world in Principle Based Design and Finishing, Redken education, and fashion’s hottest trends. He is a key facilitator for Redken’s train-the-trainer programs, both internationally and domestically. So he’s pretty good at what he does.

Alongside his work as Global Artistic Director for Redken, Exchange Facilitator, and training coach, Chris makes time for hands-on workshops for design, finishing, and facilitation at schools like The Salon Professional Academy. He is also the president of Fuel Productions, a company dedicated to creating easy to understand technical training systems and problem-solving for salon stylists and educators.