Arnold M. Miller: Find-a-Way (cosmo)

: There was only one Arnie and there’s only one very special Cosmetology Student who exemplifies the “Find-a-way” Attitude and the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Matrix Co-Founder Arnold Miller. This unique Scholarship rewards that special student.

Scholarship: One (1) Full Beauty School tuition up to $25,000 per Year.

Qualifications: Open to current students who have completed more than fifty percent (50%) of their coursework. Student must be attending or enrolled at an accredited beauty school.

Requirements to Apply: Video Presentation from Applicant explaining how his or her “Find-a-way” attitude helped his or her career and a Style Portfolio consisting of photos of three (3) different hairstyles featuring long hair dressing, haircuts or creative colors. During the video, the applicant must answer the question in the 2nd phase of the scholarship application. The focus is on originality, creative expression and artistic execution.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Upload a 3-5 minute PUBLIC YouTube Video URL explaining how your “Find-a-way” attitude helped your career. Arnold Miller was known for his entrepreneurial spirit and his “Find-a-way attitude.” He would always set lofty goals for himself and his business, and he always found a way to achieve his goal. Please describe how you used your “find-a-way attitude” to accomplish a goal in your life or career path. Please also include three (3) images of your artistic work on models, family, friends or mannequins.
  2. Have you completed 50% or more of your cosmetology program?
  3. Upload your Photo Portfolio of (3)Three different “Find-a-way” hairstyles featuring long hair dressing, haircuts or creative colors (no larger than 8MBs each). Entries should reflect good taste and aesthetically pleasing images.
    • Hair style #1
    • Hair style #2
    • Hair style #3
  4. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions: Arnold M. Miller find-a-way Terms & Conditions