Sydell and Arnold Miller-Fashion Forward (cosmo)

Awarded to beauty school students who exemplify the term “Fashion Forward” in both their personal lives, as well as their artistry. Their special edgy style separates them from the rest of the class.

Scholarship: Four (4) scholarships awarded annually for one-half tuition, up to $10,000 each.

Qualifications: Open to new or current students who have not completed more than fifty percent (50%) of their coursework. Student must be attending or enrolled at an accredited beauty school.

Requirements to Apply: Video Presentation from Applicant showcasing his or her fashion forward attitude and a Photo Portfolio of three (3) different “Fashion Forward” hairstyles featuring long hair dressing, haircuts or creative colors. During the video, the applicant must answer the question on the 2nd phase of the application. The focus is on originality, creative expression and artistic execution.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Sydell and Arnie Miller always believed in pushing the “envelope” in everything they did, especially in hair and fashion. The Millers always believed in fashion forward looks, but they also strive to do everything in good taste. Please describe how you “pushed the envelope” in your personal hair style, haircolor and fashion wardrobe to fashion forward. Did you feel what you did was in good taste and would you change it if you could do it over? Also include before and after shots of a client or friend you made fashion forward. Please provide the YouTube link to a video expressing your answer. Your video must not exceed three (3) minutes. Please ensure that the link is active and is public.
  2. This scholarship is for applicants who are less than 50% complete in the Cosmetology program. Are you less than 50% complete in your Cosmetology program?
  3. Upload your Photo Portfolio of (3)Three different “Fashion Forward” hairstyles featuring long hair dressing, haircuts or creative colors (no larger than 8MBs each). Entries should reflect good taste and aesthetically pleasing images
    • Fashion Forward Hairstyle #1
    • Fashion Forward Hairstyle #2
    • Fashion Forward Hairstyle #3
  4. I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions to the Sydell and Arnold Miller "Fashion Forward" Scholarship.