Sydell and Arnold Miller-Student for Life (Adv. cosmo)

Sydell and Arnold Miller always believed that “being a student for life” was the foundation for achieving success in the professional beauty industry. This Scholarship is for attending Advanced Education Academies, including travel expenses for NEXGEN (2-5yrs licensed) licensed cosmetologist.

Scholarship: Two (2) scholarships awarded annually, up to $5,000 each, to be used toward beauty school tuition and travel expenses to an advanced educational program, whether at a Beauty School, Advanced Academy or Manufacturers Academy Program. Tuition is payable to an accredited school of choice, travel will be reimbursed to the recipient upon submission of travel receipts and proof of program attendance.

Qualifications: This scholarship is for licensed hairdressers who have graduated beauty school and have been working as a hairdresser for a period of 2-5 years.

Requirements to Apply: Inspiration board with a 200 Written Essay or Video Presentation from Applicant explaining what he or she loves about hairdressing and what he or she hopes to achieve by attending an advanced education program. Plus, a Style Portfolio consisting of photos of three (3) different hairstyles featuring long hair dressing, strong haircuts or creative hair colors. In the written essay or video, the applicant must answer the question asked in the 2nd phase of the application. The focus is on originality, creative expression and artistic execution.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Proof of licensure (photo or photocopy)
  2. Which are you uploading for your submission to answer the question: "Why is Beauty your passion and how will your career in Beauty fulfill your purpose?" (You must select Inspiration Board with essay or Video)
  3. If you're submitting a video, provide the: YouTube, Google Drive or Vimeo URL & ensure that is is set to PUBLIC! Be sure your video is 3-5 minutes in length and that your URL works!
  4. Upload your Inspiration board explaining: What you loves about hairdressing and what you hopes to achieve by attending an advanced education program. Sydell and Arnie Miller always believed that “being a student for life” was the key to a successful career in the professional beauty industry. Describe what type of advanced education would you like to pursue if you were to win this scholarship. Please include what kind of program you want to attend, what is the area of study you want to pursue and what do you hope to take away from the program.
  5. Please describe your inspiration board and answer the required question with a 200 word essay.
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