European Wax Center "Don't Hesitate"

Every day, thousands of women walk in and strut out of a European Wax Center (EWC) feeling more confident. We believe that confidence is a force for good and we want to put it into action. We also believe education is a powerful pathway to help level the playing field for all, helping people to move boldly forward to where they want to go. The EWC “Don’t Hesitate” Scholarship is intended to provide an educational opportunity for all European Wax Center associates to help offset the cost of tuition that will help the recipients live their most confident lives, without hesitation to embrace a career in the beauty industry.

The “Don’t Hesitate” scholarship is open to EWC associates only. Eligible associates must be employed by an EWC center for at least six (6) months at the time of application submission (verified by Franchise owner.) In addition, applicants must be either currently enrolled or accepted into an accredited esthetician or cosmetology licensure program. Applicants must provide proof of enrollment at time of application. Scholarships are paid directly to the designated school once the recipient has completed 50% of program hours.

Four (4) scholarships will be awarded at $5,000 each for the Winter 2019 season.

1. Complete online application and submit required employment and accredited school verification.
2. Submitted answers to question (a) and either question (b) or © via a one-minute (1) video
a) Describe in one sentence your own style of unapologetic confidence?
b) Please describe a time when you overcame a moment of hesitation in your life and the result.
c) As you advance in your studies and career how will you help to champion confidence in other women to not hesitate?

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