CND Master Licensed Nail Tech Spring 2019 Scholarship

The Beauty Changes Lives | CND | Master Nail Scholarship Program awards $1000 to individuals pursuing advanced, continuing education in the professional nail industry. Each recipient will receive up to $1000 toward tuition, open stock product, and/or travel (where applicable) for advanced nail education through an Authorized CND Distributor at

Winners can choose ANY combination: Master Painter, Master Sculptor or Master Architect Class; ALL 3 Master Classes for Grandmaster Status!

Scholarship: Fifteen (15) Winners will be awarded up to $1000 towards advanced education

Qualifications: This scholarship is open currently licensed nail technicians. Professionals must provide proof of licensure.

Requirements: Submitting an inspiration board and essay (200 words) or 3 minute PUBLIC Youtube video link answering, “Why nail design is your passion and how will this scholarship further your career?”

Supplemental Questions
  1. Which are you uploading for your submission to answer the question: "Why nail design is your passion and how will this scholarship further your career?” (You must select Inspiration Board with essay or Video)
  2. If you're submitting a video, provide the: YouTube, Google Drive or Vimeo URL & ensure that is is set to PUBLIC! Be sure your video is 3-5 minutes in length and that your URL works!
  3. If you have chosen to create an essay & inspo. board (Examples can be seen here and here) This can be done electronically using images of inspiration to show the judges your visual story, and uploaded as a .doc or .pdf or .jpg
  4. Please describe your inspiration board and answer the required question with a 200 word essay.
  5. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions: CND Terms & Conditions
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