The Sydell L. Miller "Total Image" - ESTHETICS STUDENT Scholarship

Sydell was the first beauty industry executive to believe “beauty doesn’t stop at the hairline.” Her Total Image Consulting Program was the Salon Owner’s guide to success in professional esthetics. If you believe in “Total Image” beauty and love skincare and cosmetics this is the scholarship category for you.

Scholarship: One (1) Winner will be awarded up to $15,000 towards program tuition.

Qualifications: This scholarship is open to new and current students. Students must provide proof of acceptance and/or proof of attendance at an accredited beauty school.

Requirement: Three (3)- Five (5) Minute Video Submission. Video must show application of an esthetics treatment or make-up application and include a description of why you love esthetics and/or make-up and why you chose esthetics as a career path.

Arnold & Sydell Miller Family Foundation
Supplemental Questions
  1. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions: Sydell L. Miller Total Image Esthetics Student Scholarship
  2. Expected Graduation Date
  3. Sydell Miller was known as a visionary in the beauty industry. Part of her vision was that beauty didn’t stop at the hairline and “Total Image Consulting” was introduced to the salons. The clients of the day were looking for more beauty services in skin care, body care and color cosmetics. Please describe how you used Total Image Consulting on one of your clients or friends. Also show us before and after shots and a description of their skin or makeup and how it benefited from your services. Upload your 3-5 minute PUBLIC YouTube URL!
  4. Upload your Style portfolio containing two (2) different before and after photos of an esthetic model and a make-up model. The focus is on creating a spa-like feeling with the esthetics treatment and showing originality and artistic execution with the make-up model.
    • Esthetic Model #1
    • Esthetic Model #2